Why cant i stop the tears?

Today i woke after dreaming of him.

It started as a lovely dream – he told me he loved me – then she walked in the room – he started telling me i was fat, ugly and that he hated me (all things he was told me during this horrific time)

I wake up and I’m crying

I cry from 7.30 am till 11.30 am – i cry in the shower, i cry on the bathroom floor, i cry on the kitchen floor.

I cant stop it, Why cant i stop it??????????

Everything hurts – when i heard of heart break before this i always thought it was emotional pain – i never knew that was an actual physical ache.

There’s an actual ache in my chest.

I don’t see how i can keep doing this.

For the rest of the day i’m surrounded by fog.

This is HELL


2 thoughts on “Why cant i stop the tears?

  1. You are hurting because you are ruminating about him…her…it…the situation over and over in your head…what happened…what could have been…how it could have been different…what he called you…how you felt…over and over…hurtful negative playbacks are being played in your head over and over again….How do you think you are going to feel about yourself????

    I am Bipolar…I have racing thoughts and I was left for another woman by the guy that I tried to replace for my husband. Talk about feeling like nobody is ever going to love me after all!! And I played that tape over and over in my head. Until I started doing some research on depression and how to stop it and what I just explained to you is true. We have to bring ourselves to the present. As soon as you think of him, her , the situation bring yourself back to the present and think of anything that is happening NOW…a tv show…FOCUS WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT ON THE TV SHOW!! FOCUS!! You got to get your mind unstuck off the past. The past is the past leave it in the past, We cant change the past anymore and we can only focus on now and the future and we want happiness in our future and you got to tell yourself over and over let it go let it go. Trust me honey it works…Let go of the past. Stop yourself as soon as you think of it!!! zamora_catalina@lacoe.edu email me if you want…I am a great listener…. and I am going what you are going through

    • You are so right – i haven’t even realized I’ve been doing it. I’ve been losing time – i’ll come to and see I’ve spent 3 hours staring into space thinking about what they could be doing. Thank you for your honesty and your advice. I’m struggling like hell at the moment. Thank you for your email address i will email you.

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