Big day ahead!

It’s 6.30am and I’m on the bus on the way to work.

I’m wishing I could opt out of the next 18 hours.

Dipstick is coming to get the last of his things.

We have agreed that there will be no contact for a while. I can’t deal with any of the legal stuff right now. I imagine they will get engaged soon then push for marriage in 6 months.

I will take 6 months to try to get my stuff together, then I feel I will be more ready to deal with all the legal bits.

I’ve been told that his parents are taking a loan against their home. This is to clean our debts so he can make a fresh start. His parents don’t expect me to pay any of this back – they have also cut contact with me now.

While he is collecting his bits ill be seeing caseworker and shrink.

I’m keep crying this morning. I left him a goodbye letter.

I’m struggling today.

When I finally get in I’m going straight to bed!

Not coping well today.


2 thoughts on “Big day ahead!

  1. You just called him dipstick! You’re moving from shock to anger. That is such a good sign! You might feel like you’re struggling, but i can tell that you’re healing (…)

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