I’ve now signed the papers on a house share.

When I put out word I was looking for somewhere to live I got a phone call.

It’s was a gent I have known and worked with for 7 years. I haven’t known him extremely well but he’s a kind hearted man and best friends with my manager.

Manager had mentioned me in conversation due to what I was going through. He found out in November that his wife has been seeing another man.

He knows what I’m going through. He asked if I wanted to do a house share. He had found a property very close to work and someone else had dropped out.

It’s 3 bed (spare room for my family to come stay, and for his son to come stay once a month) and my room is ensuite.


Ensuite bedroom.
Housemate that knows what I’m going through and isn’t going to ask questions when I lay crying on the sofa. Won’t have to get bus to work, it’s in walking distance.
Saving enough money to start a little nest egg (£40 to my name at the moment). A bit of company in quite moments.


This guy is double my age.
I feel odd about sharing with a guy.
Gossip at work.
Hoping he doesn’t make a pass at me.

Ok so all of the above cons seem like my hang ups and anyway I’ve done it now.

I’ve signed for 6 month.

I’ve had a chat with manager about it, she thinks its a great idea and I trust her.

I made a bit of a fool of myself I think. I had the whole ‘you get this is purely a money saving/platonic thing right’ conversation with him. He’s one for a bit of banter but I hope he understands this. I’ve made it clear.

This is the first adult choice I have made by myself in my whole life.

I’ve probably done the wrong thing but its my choice. We work different shifts and have different days off so its not like will see loads of each other.

In 6 months time I can then think about moving back home if I want. Dipstick and The Thing now live 40 minutes away.

He wanted to know where I was moving to. I’ve told him the town and also the supermarket I will be using. He said he will try to stay away, I hope he does. I need time to heal.


One thought on “House-share

  1. Yep, that’s me. I will let my ex. Well, I won’t. But, my ex can know the town but that’s all. He doesn’t need to know the address. Or, the supermarket. There is no reason for him to be around.

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