I miss him.

Some people from work persuaded me to go out for a few drinks tonight.

Meds seem to impact the effect of drink.

I only had 3 but I’m a bit drunk.

It’s Monday tomorrow

He will text me. He always texts me Monday to Friday 9 to 5. She works in a different part of the building. Sometimes I wonder if she knows how much he contacts me.

I miss him.

I hate sleeping alone.

I miss him so much that my chest aches.

I miss him so much, with every cell.

I feel overwhelmed with my sadness tonight.

I feel so sad. I miss him.

I want a hug.


One thought on “I miss him.

  1. It’s normal to miss him. I know it’s hard. May I suggest that you remember and take note of the fact that each minute without him, when you thought you wouldn’t make it, you have. This isn’t fun or what you wanted, but the world hasn’t ended, though I’m sure it feels like it. Been there. Also, perhaps try to wait a minute longer than you normally would to respond to his texts (if you respond) and then gradually increase. If nothing else, you will be exercising some control.

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