When for a jog!

Today a friend asked me if I wanted to go for a run today.

I went and here’s the kicker.

My friends tell their husbands they are going out for a run.

They get dressed in their gym gear.

They then leave the house.

They meet in a car park.

They then do NO running.

NONE at all!!

We chatted and walked along the sea front.

We talked and giggled and looked at hot guys – who by the way where actually running.

I suggested at one point that we actually did some running.

After a few mumbles we all started to jog.

Something clicked.

It felt good.

It felt really good.

Everything melted away.

Everything disappeared.

I feel I should say at this point that since dipstick left I’ve lost 35 pounds.

Running before wasn’t easy.

This though was magic.

After running for a while I stopped and turned around.

The girls had stopped a while ago.

I however wanted to carry on, I didn’t because I enjoyed the chats.

So I have decided I’m going to go ‘running’ with the girls every week and then actually go jogging by myself too.


2 thoughts on “When for a jog!

  1. That is wonderful. Exercise, specifically running, is reportedly one of the best treatments for depression. Today I was without a car and had to go for a long brisk walk to get home. It helped. I’m so happy to read this post.

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