When a few people at work heard I was going boxing they thought I was joking.

They said ‘really boxing?, why?’

Well I had my first taster today.

Left my house share and started walking. Ran into the guy I used to work with that had told me about it.

Got there – offered to pay my £2.

Boxing man turned me down.

‘You don’t pay first time. See if you like it and pay next time if you do’

Guy I knew then had to baby sit me for the next few minutes while I got my bearings.

He helped me with my hand wraps.

Got me a shorter skipping rope.

Told me what bag to use.

I loved the fact the boxing coaches left me alone.

No pointers, no help, no special treatment…….no pressure.

With a little help from guy I use to work with I was left to do my thing, sink or swim.

At one point guy I use to know shout to me –

Mandy – get angry.

For a short while I imagined IT’s face. Dipstick doesn’t make me angry – he makes me sad but IT, IT makes my blood run lava.

Punching felt odd – not natural, not with my right hand anyway. Now I’m gonna go back I hope boxing coaches help me with my punches.

One of the guys said I was a southpaw – rocky was a southpaw!!

Tonight I think I’ll sleep, I hope I do anyway.



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