I cooked a roast dinner!

Today I cooked a roast. It’s the first roast I have cooked in 5 months.

A friend came round and we have chatted and cooked.

I did all the cooking in the relationship.

I’ve been living on scrambled eggs since he went.

It’s been good to cook for someone.

Today hasn’t been a bad day.

Dipsticks family haven’t contacted me as they said they would.

I’m ok with that.


One thought on “I cooked a roast dinner!

  1. I remember the first time I got to cook for people after living off bullshit for weeks and months.

    It felt amazing to have the pots and pans out again. The cutting board. Bottles of wine. Laughter.

    It’s an important notch on your healing belt. The realization that you CAN enjoy all of the things you used to.

    You’re doing great, young lady. And it makes me smile.

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