Mind reader?

Yesterday I posted a open letter to my ex.

Today a little hand grenade landed in my inbox.

My blog is anonymous, not a single person knows about it.

I know he couldn’t have read it but it’s odd.

It contains the usual

* he misses me
* he’s worried for me
* he cares about
* he has love for me

It’s funny he didn’t seem to be thinking about these things when he was regularly putting his dick in someone else.

I don’t know if I’m going to respond.


One thought on “Mind reader?

  1. He does care. That’s the usual, you see? After it’s over (and it really isn’t for you) he does care and he will continue to care. He will care even more and continue to remind you of it until you go to an Attorney, if you do. He, also will have his memories. Plus, he will feel extremely guilty should anything drastic happen to you, but it was his choice. Good letter. You don’t have to respond. You wrote to him and he responded. You can stop now.

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