Trolls or opinions?

So yesterday I nearly shut down my blog.

My posts have reduced in number over the past week or so.

This is mainly because I seem to have acquired 3 trolls.

I assume it’s 3 different ones – they all use anonymous messages or profiles that have no blogs attached.

They tell me it’s my fault I’m going to end up divorced.

They tell me to take him back.

They tell me I’m going to end up alone and not meet anyone?

They tell me my children are going to end up alone (I have none so their reading skills aren’t that great).

They told me the affair was my fault and I should be taking it so seriously.

Someone told me the other day I was gong to die alone.

I started this to be heard.

I now don’t like logging on to WordPress anymore.


6 thoughts on “Trolls or opinions?

  1. Sorry to hear that:( I haven’t had any trolls on WordPress, but have had many on Huffpo. Their words can be arrows aimed at an already open wound. The best advice I have is to try to understand that a) they are trying to elicit a response and/or b) they are responding from their own history and pain. Hugs to you and your non-kids:)

  2. None of this is your fault. Everything you’re doing is part of your efforts to grow. And in doing so, you help others. People want to know they’re not alone. That they’re not the only ones bad things happen to. That they’re not the only ones who feel broken.

    Your journey allows others to feel hope.

    When you put yourself out there like this, you invite feedback, good and bad.

    Choose yourself. No matter what anyone else says or does.

  3. I really hope you will continue to post here. Your blog means a lot to me. Your progress helps me to continue. I don’t remember who sang it but there is a song about “One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch, Girl.” Please don’t let a few bad people, anonymous people affect you like this. Miss You.

  4. I want to chime in too – you should definitely continue. I have been reading your blog off and on. What you are doing here is for yourself, not for those idiots. Try your best to ignore them: though I imagine that it’s easier said than done. Keep going!

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