House share messes with my fledging social life!

Just got a call from boxing buddy.

I am pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have been following my blog you will know what when I was at my weakest the man I was arranging a house share with called me one night. He said that he ‘wanted to take things further’.

Up until that point he had been a supportive friend, who at double my age I saw as a father figure.

At the time he was sleeping with another lady I work with.

This in my book made him a double shit. Not only did he want a move when I was at my most vulnerable but he had a girlfriend.

If I had not given my notice on my lovely but expensive flat I would have called off house share.

So boxing buddy calls, she was meant to be popping round for lunch before boxing.

She doesn’t want to come anymore – to the boxing or lunch or my house.

She got a call from house share – he wants to start a relationship with her. She the same age as me. She handled it really well. Told him that he’s too old and she just wants to be friends.

Well he’s girlfriend found out about this and is now making boxing buddy’s life hell.


Boxing buddy never asked for this.

House shares girlfriend has not confronted him, she just being a shit to boxing buddy.

Boxing buddy won’t be coming to my house again and I can’t drive do I can’t go to hers!!!

House share won’t ask girlfriend to lay off!!