Flashback to 2010

A friend calls me –

I just wanted to tell you *** a girl I know is starting work at ****’s place.

Oh ok?! I’m getting a warning why?

She’s a nightmare. She slept with her best friends boyfriend at college, she seems to attach herself to attached men. She doesn’t like women. Just keep an eye out.

Flash forward to this last year.

They are good friends

I feel sorry for her as she doesn’t make friends easily.

They share a few interests – I’ve always been a true believer that you should not stop your partner being friends with the opposite sex. I think it shows a lack of trust.

Since this has happened I have started to rethink this.

If I ever meet anyone in the future I don’t think I would put up with this again.

I don’t think I will ever trust anyone again.

I’ve realised promises are just words that fall out of people’s mouths – pretty words that mean nothing.

Started with a phone call!!!

Oi you ignorant women, next time i wave at you don’t run off. Have i upset you?

I genuinely have not the slightest idea what you are talking about! Are you OK? 

I just saw you down the sea front snuggling with *****, i waved. you didn’t even  acknowledge me!

What?! When?!

About 2 hours ago!


Mand?! You there?

***** is out with some work mates. I’m at home………..

Oh right. Well i could have been wrong. I’ve been drinking, sorry love. You know me. I’m sure iv cocked up.

Yer sure babe, no prob, I’ve gotta go, see ya.

I sat there – for how long i’m not quit sure. i had a feeling in my stomach that was like a brick had taken up nest in there. i knew he had picked a female work colleague up for a work do. 

I picked up my phone – text-ed him twice – rung him twice.

He didn’t pick up

He came home 3 hours later at 3am