The spider plant.

Dipstick loved spider plants.

I did not.

However because I wanted him to be happy I brought one for him.

It grew and grew and grew.

It became the green monster living in our bathroom.

When dipstick left he requested custody of said green monster.

At this point for some reason I decided I love the spider plant more than life it’s self.

I have brought it with me to new bathroom in new house share.

I’m looking at it now.

I hate again.

I’ve stopped watering it.

I’m slightly worried that I’m torturing a plant.

What does that say about me?

Why am I clinging to a plant?

Why am I clinging to a plant I don’t like?

Maybe I should water it….


No Internet and little bro!

In new house share, will not have Internet till the end of the month.

I sleep by streaming NCIS on my iPad.

Looks like I won’t be sleeping for a while.

I can’t login to WordPress on my phone! I will only be able to post via email for the next 2 weeks.

No face timing with little bro.

I’m not amused!

I waved my amazing mother off this morning. She has been a true blessing in the last 3 days. Se has dragged me along when all I have wanted to do it lay on the bathroom floor.

In my new en-suite I have a large shower! So if I feel like mixing it up I can do some crying on the shower floor! Ill be clean and it might hide the noise from housemate. I’ve got options at least.

Mother has decided to send little bro down for the last week of his summer holiday. I’ve been promising he can visit for years but dipstick always said no, so it didn’t happen.

Well surprise surprise his visit falls on what would have been mine and dipsticks anniversary (I know it’s not official but I’ve stopped counting now). For the days of the 27th and 28th of August I had some hardcore sobbing, drinking and deep depression planed. Well that’s out the window now.

Bless them for pretending to be surprised when I told them.

Really Mandy? Oh we didn’t know. We’ve told him now and he’s so excited! You will still have him won’t you?

Little bro was young when i moved away. I remember him standing at the top of the stairs only 4 or 5 sobbing for me. Holding his little arms out begging me not to go.

I missed him so much.

I missed him growing up.

Mum has asked me to creat a itinerary for the week and send it to her. She wants days out planned in advanced and budgets created.

If I didn’t know better I’d say she was trying to keep me busy in the week before he arrives.

I don’t care that its obviously been set up for me.

I miss him and I’ll enjoy the distraction.