What do you mean you would move her in?!

You would really move her in here?

Well I earn more so I thought I would be keeping the flat.

I thought we where taking some time to decide what we wanted? You sound like you have already decided what you want.

No no I’m just looking at all the different things that are possible.

She could really move in here? With everything that I had picked and all of our memories. You could have another women in here?

She wouldn’t have a issue with it. She would do anything to be with me, she would give up everything.

What the room in her parent house?



I turn over at the point and cry and cry till I finally drift off.


Once he arrived home!!

He got through the door and smiled at me 

you OK love?, i didn’t expect you to be up still.


i tried to call you


yer sorry i saw, lets go to bed ah, you look sleepy.


did something happy tonight with you and ***? 


like what?


like anything?


i don’t know what you mean.


i mean what i say did anything happen?


i’m too tiered for this and your being odd, lets go to sleep.


so i did, i laid in bed and didn’t go to sleep but instead stared at the ceiling to scared to ask the question. i was full of fear – white hot fear – it wrapped around my heart and burnt me. it hurt, a lot, the fear of a million things running around my head at once. FEAR come out of every cell of me.