Why do i feel better in the dark and rain?

Its really raining tonight. I’m sitting with the french doors in my bedroom open, the rains not coming in because of the angle its falling.

There is thunder and lightening. Its illuminating the harbor in such a beautiful way.

I’ve got the lights off and i’m sitting typing in the dark.

I don’t understand why i feel at peace in the dark.

I love the smell of the rain.

I feel like i’m waiting for something, i’m not sure what. 

I feel odd after writing the last post – its brought up a lot of things i have buried deep down.

I don’t know if i’m doing the right thing by dragging them up, i have a feeling i’m going to have a down day tomorrow.

I think I’m going to sleep with the french door open tonight. 

I Wonder if he is watching the storm too, from his new windows, in his new place, with her.

Maybe the rain does not make me feel so good after all?