20th April 2013 was the end of my world.

Thanks for reading this, I’m hoping that as I tell my story it helps me move on and also helps anyone going through the same thing!

On the 20th of April my world started to fall part and for the next 2 weeks crumbled into the unrecognisable mess that I now have to drag myself through on a daily basis (some days more successfully than others).

Wow that last sentence seems extremely negative but it’s honest and if its one thing I have come to value it’s honesty. It’s something that was questionable in the last 8 months of the relationships.

I’m going to keep these post short but sweet (more like bitter)!!

Telling my story in one long post is going to drag me down more than I need to, but that’s not the only reason for telling my story in pieces.

It happened in fractured moments, splinters of days, short bursts of bitter conversations but it also happened in long drawn out night, hours of stoney silence, a look, a sob, a text, a call.

Life isn’t straight forward – it’s complicated – that’s the one thing I have learnt in all this.