Who’s who?

Mandy – Me. 26 year old year women trying to cope with husband leaving me.

Dipstick – Husband. Met at school when we were 11. Declared to my family at 12 I was going to Mary him. Finally sealed the deal when we were 17. First love, first lover, first everything. Left me for IT.

House share – A man I have known for 7 years who I now share a house with. A father figure.

Mother – Amazing in a crisis.

Dad – Amazing full stop.

Manger – lovely lady that has really been great in all this, best friends with house share.

IT – The thing that has worked with Dipstick for 3 years. Had a affair with Dipstick for 8-9 months before it all came out.

Little bro – 12 year old little brother who gives me hope.


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